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Nebraska archery antelope hunting: These "Over-the-Counter" Nebraska sandhill antelope hunts take place during the "RUT" on "Private land".

If you are looking for a affordable western big game that won't break your budget a Nebraska archery or crossbow antelope hunt is perfect hunt to consider.  Archery antelope hunting is exciting fun filled hunting adventure.

These hunts are conducted in the Nebraska Pine Ridge and Sandhills areas of Nebraska on private land. The private properties support healthy populations of good quality antelope bucks with record book opportunities.

Herds up to 40 antelope, with bucks ranging from 60" to 75" with good mass and great prongs are common. The private properties hunts are conducted on are managed to provide a realistic chance for a trophy mature archery antelope.


If combined with a archery Nebraska Mule Deer.  The bucks run in 140-180 class.

If combined with a archery Nebraska whitetail deer the bucks run in the 130-170 class


 Archery or Crossbow Antelope Hunts and Prices
 Nebraska Antelope Hunting Permits
  The Nebraska Archery Antelope Hunt:
 Getting There- Nebraska Antelope Grounds
 Lodging - Meals
 Meat and Taxidermy - Antelope
 Nebraska Antelope Hunting Trip Insurance
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Archery or Crossbow Antelope Hunts and Prices

4-day guided archery or crossbow antelope hunt:  $1,395 (Aug 20-Oct 7)

6-day combo guided archery antelope / mule deer or whitetail deer hunt: $3,000 (Sept 15-Oct 7)

* Includes meals, lodging, 2x1 guiding, trophy field care, and transportation of meats and mounts to processing plant.


4-day semi-guided archery or crossbow antelope hunt: $800 (Aug 20-Oct 7)

* Includes some guide help during the hunt.
Not Included: Food, lodging, transportation or permits.

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Nebraska Antelope Hunting Permits

All these permits/tags can be purchased online and printed out at www.outdoornebraska.org

  • Nonresident Archery and Crossbow antelope permit are $155.50
  • Nebraska State Habitat Stamp $20

Hunter Education is required for all hunters ages 12 through 29: 1) hunting with either a firearm or crossbow must have on their person proof of successful completion of Firearm Hunter Education; 2) hunting deer, antelope, elk, or bighorn sheep with bow and arrow must carry proof of successful completion of Bow hunter Education; 3) who have not completed a Firearm Hunter and/or Bow hunter Education course may obtain an Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate from the Commission.

When compared to other antelope states these archery antelope permits are very reasonable and whats best they ALL can be bought over "Over-The-Counter"!  Nebraska non-resident archery antelope hunting permits can be purchased online and printed out at www.outdoornebraska.org

Note: these permits are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

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The Nebraska Archery Antelope Hunt:

Our antelope hunting terrain features rolling hills, open prairies, crop fields to spring bottoms.

Early season or Rut guided or semi-guided antelope crossbow or archery hunts are conducted by using decoys, sitting in blinds by waterholes, near alfalfa fields or fence crossings.  All of these methods have produced well but antelope decoying during the late September antelope rut is probably the most popular.

Antelope Hunting is all on private ranches.

Shots average 35-40 yards with 15 yards being a close shot. Hunters using flat shooting bows that can hit out to 60+ yards will bump the odds in their favor.

Antelope Bucks taken are typically in the 13 to 16 inch range.

Includes meals, lodging, guide-2 hunters / 1 guide, trophy field care and transportation of meats and mounts to processing plant.

Hunters normally rotate by having one antelope hunter doing a spot and stalk or decoy hunt with the guide while the others stand hunt.

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Getting There- Nebraska Antelope Grounds
We hunt near the town of Valentine Nebraska in North Central Nebraska.

Note: Our cell phone reception is minimal in this area.

We expect you to drive to us:

For driving directions to Valentine Nebraska click on the city name in blue, then put in your zip code to Valentine Nebraska.

If flying and hunting near Valentine Nebraska you can fly into either:

  • North Platte Nebraska then rent a vehicle and drive 2 hours

  • Omaha Nebraska then rent a vehicle and drive 4 hours 40 in

  • Rapid City South Dakota then rent a vehicle and drive 3 hours

  • Sioux City Iowa then rent a vehicle and drive 4 hours

When flying with the airlines you will need to follow the regulations for guns and ammunition, ask the airlines for information if unsure.

You will need to call Don on his Cell phone 2 hours prior to arrival to Valentine NE, he will discuss with you were to meet.

You need to plan to arrive into camp after 12:00 pm during the daylight the day before your hunt start. After arriving you will get your gear unpacked and ready, shoot your gun for zero as needed, hunt orientation and safety brief.

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Lodging - Meals

Lodging you will stay at one of the local motels. The rooms are very clean and comfortable.

Breakfasts are light and quick continental style consisting of cold cereal, instant oatmeal, pastries, and fruit. Also there will be assorted juices, coffee and tea.

Lunch you will pack your own sandwiches the night before. Also, along with sandwiches there will be fruit, chips, crackers, sweets, assorted juices, water and sodas. There are plenty of choices to pick from with no limit. We recommend you pack double the lunch you are use to. These food items will be in your room for you to manage and use as you like.

Dinner will be a hot meal at one of the local popular dining locations in town after you clean up from your days hunt.

  • If you have any meal concerns or special meal needs please bring it to our attention before or when booking your hunt.

  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks are always available to you and plentiful.

  • No alcohol provided. No going to the field without being fully alert.

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Meat and Taxidermy - Antelope

A problem a deer hunter faces who has just driven or flown across the country to go on a deer hunt is how to get the meat, cap and antlers safely home.   Please read below on what we have learned and know: 

  • Ensure you know Nebraska, states traveling thru and state you live in big game transportation laws and any other legal requirements in this area. This is your responsibility.
  • Check with your airline or ground carrier about any restrictions about transporting meat/cape/antlers.
    • Keeping the same airline on connecting flights will help avoid luggage issues.
  • After the mandatory deer check-in requirements are completed.  On a few of the farms and ranches we whitetail hunt on there is a water source and place to hang and breakdown your own deer.  Ask me ahead of time if this is an option where you will be hunting.

  • Some hunters that drive will put a freezer in the back of there truck or in a utility trailer which can be plugged in or ran with a generator.

  • You should use coolers for transporting your meat and cape.

    • Flying: duct tape the coolers shut after you get to the airport in case they need to open and pack them as tightly as possible with frozen solid meat. 

    • Driving: use duct tape to hold the lids tightly shut. This keeps out air, even when the truck is on rough roads, and hits bumps.

  • If you fly, once the meat is processed and frozen, it can be boxed and checked as excess baggage.  Meat should be frozen as dry ice is not allowed on airplanes.

  • If you fly, a Cape can be frozen and put in a cooler then checked in or checked as excess baggage.  

  • Antlers can be packaged and shipped by mail or checked as excess baggage.  

We have an excellent local meat processor that will try to have your deer packaged and frozen by the time you are ready to leave for home.  

  • The cost for basic processing is approximately $125 and $25 additional for capping.

  • If you do not wish to take your meat home, arrangements can be made to have it donated. You are still responsible for the processing fee.
  • The butcher will not accept the deer for donation unless the processing fee is paid at time of drop off.

US Mail, UPS, or FedEx, we have had hunters use all with good success.  To make this work best with perishable items. They need to be shipped out at a office by the main airport you fly into. Reason, where we are located in Nebraska we are far away from the interstates and major airports so everything is Ground shipment first, then overnight so "overnight" actually turns into 2-3 days. Note: if shipping nonperishable where time isn't a factor. We have a Post office's and drop boxes for UPS and FedEx in our local areas.

Local Taxidermist
is available to expedite (ship) your trophy to your home taxidermist or they can mount your trophy deer and ship back to you.  They are very knowledgeable and skilled on species we hunt.  This is an easy and efficient way to handle your taxidermy needs.  Most often they will often do a better job than someone who has seen few of the particular animals from our areas.

  • The one we will recommend is a "small Full-Time Taxidermy Studio" focused on providing high quality taxidermy within a reasonable time period, averaging six to nine months. They do everything they can to meet your expectations. They are very methodical, meticulous and a driven person that never settles for second best or "just good enough" I would trust them with my finest trophy.

:  With all this said above, our hunters are telling us it is best "to drive when you can".  They say with a partner and rotating driving, you can get anywhere within the states in a days travel, which is what you are burning up flying anyway, along with renting a car and driving to us.  This way you get to bring all your gear and take everything back and use a meat processor close to home and your own taxidermist.   Our recommendation is to drive if at all possible.  Plus, many say it's nice just to take a day off and do some touring while your deer is being butchered and frozen and then loading the cooler for the ride home.

Most important it is a must to plan ahead in this area and determine before the hunt how you want to handle your meat/cape/antler needs.

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Nebraska Antelope Hunting Trip Insurance

Hunting out of state is expensive, with life being unpredictable and the unexpected does happen to everyone and for this reason D & E Outfitters highly recommends buying Travel Guard's Sportsman's Travel Protection Plan Insurance. You need to make sure it includes cancellation coverage. 

The Sportsman Travel Protection Plan is one of Travel Guard's most customized packages and is idea for traveling hunters. 

This is your responsibility to ensure you and your hunting investment are covered and protected. 

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If you are looking for a great archery antelope hunt!  Please contact us to discuss our archery antelope hunts in Nebraska for a Trophy antelope.  Please call or e-mail D & E Outfitters to book your Nebraska archery antelope hunting adventure.  Phone: 719-591-8934 or at our Contact us form

Thank you for visiting

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